Asked whether ULFA executives would return all weapons and ammunition, self-proclaimed “Foreign Minister” Sashadhar Choudhury said, “Why should we do this? It is not a final agreement. It`s a gentleman`s agreement. We`ll see what happens with the Parleys,” Choudhury said. In September 2011, the group signed a tripartite agreement with the Centre, the Government of Assam and ULFA-PTF on the Suspension of Operations (SoO). Discussions at this stage are also important to address the ideology of ULFA, which continues to generate support for Assam. Thousands of people welcomed ULFA leaders to their traditional stronghold of Sibsagar after their release from prison. In addition, assamic civil organizations have been under intense pressure to enter into talks with the company and reach an agreement guaranteeing an end to separatist armed violence in Assam. In addition, India`s constitutional framework allows armed groups to negotiate in order to involve them in the democratic process. Such a move will also assure the people of Assam that the Indian state is a flexible, adaptable and rational actor, ready to welcome armed actors without violence. The most important example of such a process is the Mizo peace process, which led to the integration of the National Front mizo (MNF) into democratic politics. Anup Chetia, another leader of the pro-talks faction, said an “agreement with the Indian government was in the final stages.” We call on the Indian government to sign the agreement quickly. It depends on Paresh Barua to see if he wants to come.

We are not aware of the discussions or the comments to be made. If he comes, our power will be strengthened,” Chetia added.¬†We had a very good round table. The agreement was signed. The first cycle points the way to political dialogue. This is a harbinger of future discussions,” Shambhu Singh, the north-eastern secretary of the interior ministry, told reporters. The pact will continue during political discussions until a final agreement is signed. “We hope that the Indian government will sign the agreement very soon. However, we cannot determine precisely the day the agreement was signed.

It depends entirely on the Indian government. We hope that the agreement will be signed by early 2020,” said Anup Chetia, ULFA Secretary General. Initially, a tripartite suspension of operations (SoO) agreement between the Centre, the Assam government and the Banned United Liberation Front (ULFA) was signed on Saturday in Assam to find ways to ensure a lasting peace in Assam. However, the head of ulFA refused to give details of the draft agreement and said it would be made public after the government`s agreement. In any event, if a satisfactory peace agreement can be reached with ulFA leaders, Paresh Barua will be forced to board, but not of his own free will, but under pressure from assamian society which, after years of violent conflict, seeks to establish a lasting peace for better economic prospects and better social cohesion. On 3 September 2011, a tripartite agreement was signed between the Indian government, Assam and ULFA on the “suspension of operations” against ULFA. [9] “Discussions with ULFA are in the final stages and it is likely that an agreement will be signed soon. Most of the problems have been resolved with ULFA, including the granting of constitutional protection to the state`s indigenous populations.