The School of Champions Inaugural Hall Of Fame 2010 


Under the direction of principal Jesse Jones and advisory committee members Jim Newman, Dr. Fred Kennedy,  Dr. Michael Hopwood, Compton High School held its inaugural Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees ceremony titled “Greatness Grows Here” on June 3, 2010. The above display was in Compton High’s administration building. Honored were nine alumni/faculty as Hall of Fame inductees, and Special Recognition honorees (not necessarily alumna) for great support of Compton High School, and 10 young men from the Class of 2010 (bottom picture) who represented Compton High in Washington, D.C. with support from the Ray Charles Foundation.

Top Row: Valerie Ervin (president of the Ray Charles Foundation); William “Bill” Hanna ’28 (Hanna-Barbera Productions, creators of The Flintstones and Jetsons); Alvin “Pete” Rozelle ’44 (godfather of the National Football League; creator of The Super Bowl; pro football Hall of Fame inductee); Demar DeRozan ’08 (special recognition; pro basketball player); Edwin “Duke” Snider ’44 (pro baseball Hall of Fame inductee); Kevin “Keb Mo” Moore ’69 (grammy award-winning blues musician).

Bottom Row: Vince Evans (special recognition; pro football player); Ulis Williams ’61 (Olympic gold medal winner, track); Timothy W. Wright III ’73 (presidential adviser and member of a legal team that drafted the South African Constitution); the Honorable Kelvin Filer ’73, (Superior Court Judge and community leader); Reynaldo Brown ’69 (Olympic gold medalist–high jumper); Bill Armstrong (faculty member — successful educator and coach of the back-to-back 1968-1969 basketball C.I.F. champions).  1no·ta·ble ˈnō-tə-bəl, adjective 1 a : worthy of note : remarkable b : distinguished, prominent

William “Bill” Hanna ’28 (Posthumous)  Edwin “Duke” Snider ’44  Ulis Williams ’61  Alvin “Pete” Rozelle ’44 posthumous)  William “Bill” Armstrong ), Posthumous.

                                                                                  Compton High Inaugural Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees