Olympian Reynaldo and Carol Brown     


“The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I’d made my teammates play” – Bill Russell.

 Inspirational people and  the lives they’ve lived  have the power to motivate us to get us through even the worst of times, and can even give us the courage to move forward in pursuit of our life’s dreams. The Compton High School Hall of Fame  Athletic Criteria serves to ensure that those we  honor have achieved greatness while  exemplifying the best in people and inspiring those around them. 


“reaching Back to Move Forward” We Will Lead The Way. 

Persons who wish to nominate an individual for the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE HALL OF FAME AWARD should complete the nomination form on the Compton High School Alumni Association website at https://comptonhighalumni.org/, The HALL OF FAME COMMITTEE during their FALL annual meeting, will act upon all nominations for either approval or disapproval. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of professional ethics, sportsmanship, moral character, and carry the endorsement of their local high school. Statewide involvement with interscholastic activities is desired. Categories under the Distinguished Service Awards are Administrators, Board of Education, Coaches & Directors, Contest Officials, and Contributors. The following is a brief summary of the criteria for each of the categories. Administrators: (Principals, superintendents, athletic directors, activity directors, etc). School administrators would be considered on the merits of their high school administrative achievements and contributions to interscholastic activities in their schools and on a statewide basis. Board of Education: Board of Education nominees would be considered on the merits of their contributions to interscholastic activities, especially on the state level. Coaches & Directors: (Athletic and fine arts coaches, music directors, interscholastic activity advisors, etc.). Coaches & directors would be considered on the merits of their high school achievements as a coach, director, or activity advisor. Contest Officials: (Athletics, music, speech & drama, etc.). The contest officials would be considered on the basis of their statewide service as a high school official, adjudicator, judge, etc. Athletic Contributors: (Radio, television, news writers, physicians, local citizens, etc.). A contributor would be an individual who has made a contribution on a statewide basis to interscholastic activities in some capacity other than those covered by any other category. FOR CONTEST OFFICIALS ONLY, ALL CANDIDATES WILL BE JUDGED ON THEIR SIGNIFICANT AND/OR LONGTERM CONTRIBUTIONS TO INTERSCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES. While many have served their local programs over a long and distinguished career, longevity, without meaningful state impact, does not constitute appropriate credentials for distinguished service award consideration. Their accomplishments must have been worthy of state recognition for them to be considered. Non-approved nominees will be categorized into “inactive” and “holding” status. Inactive nominees will require additional information and supportive material before receiving future consideration for the Distinguished Service Award. Those candidates in the “hold” category may merit future consideration based on the evaluation of the Hall of Fame Committee. REQUESTING NOMINATION MATERIALS. ALL NOMINATION FORMS CAN BE COMPLETED ON THE COMPTON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WEBSITE AT https://comptonhighalumni.org/. BE SURE TO COMPLETE ALL REQUIRED FIELDS OR YOUR NOMINATION FORM WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.  Service Award nominations must be submitted by May 1. Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award will be honored at an appropriate CHS, C.I.F; state athletic; or fine arts event held during the year.   

Updated 3/7/2018